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Friday, June 15, 2007

Field roundup

V and I arrived back in Hometown, IL yesterday and I have since had long cuddles with both kitties, drinks with my bestest girlfriend, a trip to a great yarn store with my mom and a manicure. For the first time in 2 weeks I don't feel exhausted!

Field work this time was particularly physically demanding. The heat, cold and long hours and camping in bad weather all took their toll on me. We worked on 2 projects. One for the grant I have been working on since January and another that is an entire chapter of my diss. We got enough done on the first project that I can start analyzing samples and will complete the project with time to spare (YAY!!!!!).

We had quite a few set backs on the dissertation experiment though. Luckily, my methods worked which had the highest potential to be disastrous. Weather prevented us from working for two days which was disappointing but eh, you can't control everything. I never even considered our worst problem- vandalism of our site. The site is a public place that is locked up at night. Catching fish was difficult and time consuming so we tried to save unused individuals overnight to use first thing in the morning. We waited around to be the last people out of the site and woke up extra early to be the first people in. When we got there, somebody had messed up all our stuff and let all our fish go. I have never hated either 13 year old boys or drunk locals more in my life. Seriously. What is wrong with people? Luckily, this happened a week ago and I have dealt with it so that is the extent of my ranting about it but SERIOUSLY? Somebody BROKE INTO somewhere just to fuck up my experiment? Get a freaking life, jackasses.

Luckily, V was a champ and the best field assistant EVER and stayed extra long in the cold water to re-catch all the fish we lost. We ended up getting decent sample sizes for most of my treatments and got just under half of it done. I don't think that has set in yet....research for half of a whole chapter of the diss completed......that just seems crazy! 1/6 of my dissertation!

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