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Monday, January 29, 2007

Best knit ever

Progress has been made on the silk arm warmer. It is AMAZING. I feel like I am knitting so fast with this two circular technique. Even on 3s! I should get to the thumb gusset tonight and hopefully will finish this one off by the time I leave here. I would like to cast on the second one at the airport or take a different project for my trip. It would totally be my luck to have my Addi Turbos (chi-ching!) taken away by airport security right near the end of this armwarmer (which would of course then be ruined).
Hey, check out my awesome new watch too! Thanks, Mom!



Blogger natasha said...

i initially used 2 circs and then realized that one big circ is just as easy and less fussy. it is exactly the same concept. i do it for socks and rocks. hee.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Sneks said...

Love it! Almost as much as the green alpaca ones you made me last year! (Which reminds me ... I totally need to order some of that yarn to make myself a scarf and maybe a hat to go with ...)

I wish I was as talented a knitter as you Dancing Fish! Can't wait till you com home this weekend!!!!

10:16 AM  

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