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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pinwheel baby blanket...take 2

So I started the Pinwheel Baby Blanket before I left for Texas. I noticed that I had only 5 instead of 10 sections and didn't think anything of it. Till I realized that I am not increasing as fast as I SHOULD be with only 5 yo's every 2 rows. D'oh! I started over and am on track. It is for another baby due in October. It is slow going but that is because I have been working in the evenings or playing softball more than knitting lately.

As for the old one, I still haven't frogged it. I worked long and hard on it and am still bitter that I messed it up so badly. I will do it once I get a bit further on the one that is right. Till then I wear it as a very pointy hat.


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