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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


There is this student across the hall who has been arguing his grade on a final that has not happened yet for 25 minutes. The prof has stated 3 times that he cannot give anyone special consideration in this class of over 100 and that it is morally reprehensible to give some students special considerations and not others (outside of situations with extenuating circumstances). Student replies "I know what you are saying but..." The main issue seems to be that he has had other profs look at 'the progression' of grades on exams so there is no reason Dr. Across-the-Hall shouldn't do the same. Student doesn't understand that if you need 385 points for an A and you have 383, that you do not get an A. "But it is close and I have improved all semester!" retorts the student.
Of course, in this case, he really is talking about a A to B difference and the final hasn't happened yet. Why not just STUDY MORE for the unweighted final to make up those 2 damn points???? Maybe you could've learned something in 30 minutes rather than bug Dr. Across-the-Hall about bending the rules just for you. I know that there are stories like this at every university in every subject matter but it still bugs the heck out of me. While it would not make a difference in my grading, at this point, I just wish my students that really NEED those 2 extra point for their grade (it might mean they get to graduate on time) were as impassioned about it as this clueless sophomore pre-med.



Blogger Jen said...

I agree. The kid should have spent that 30 minutes studying instead. As a chem major I was in class with a lot of pre-meds and they would practically kill for that A. I know the grades are important for med school but arguing for 30 minutes about a final that hasn't happened? Crazy!

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