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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Well, InaDWriMo was an interesting exercise. A small amount of writing was completed that wouldn't have been done otherwise. Even better, I think I made better use of my time this month than I have in a while. Due to InaDWriMo (and the deadlines associated with my projects), I was forced to write in addition to teaching while research got underway as well. Actually being somewhat effective with time management is a swell feeling and hopefully it will continue into break. There will be fewer tasks to manage with more time available. The opportunity for procrastination seems like it will also be increased though with this increased time and decrease in pressure as well....

In order to get anything done I have to feel better though. Today, I am just wrecked. V has been feeling a bit under the weather but we still went out Friday night and did the 5k yesterday (4 minutes faster than last year! Go us!) . It is all just too much so now I have a fever and haven't really gotten out of bed today. Must do a lecture, grading at some point but sleeping some more might take priority.



Blogger Laurie said...

Yay on the 5K, but booo to the sickness. Hope you are better soon!

3:08 PM  

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