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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holy WOW!

We had a very busy weekend working on our house. I scraped posts yesterday, primed ad painted them today. V ran around getting supplies to replace part of one of them. That project will be some other day though.
V spent most of the day on the roof doing MAJOR roof things. He is handy and I am lucky. I was up there with him as well till I chickened out and had to come down because it was dark. Ladders and darkness just don't seem like they should mix.

Of course, we were pained to NOT EVEN WATCH the Bears-Eagles game. It was even on tv here! The roof is far more important though. We came in the house to find our team 4 points behind with 4 minutes left. And they didn't have the ball. With 97 yards to go and 90 seconds....they freaking did it! TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN, BEARS!
Ahhhhhhh, we got to see the best part of the game and V is in a little bit better mood to head back up on the roof....

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