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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Seven Nation Army

Sometimes, miscommunication can be funny.
Also, V is up there among the best smart-asses of his time.

Me: Sorry I didn't call you, my phone doesn't work in the lab and I was in there for-ever.
V: That is ok, what were you doing that took so long?
Me: I did 7 PCRs. They took fooooorevvvveeerrrrrr.
V: Ummm, why?
Me: 'Cause there were 7.
V: Wooooooooooow. 7 PCRs? Did you use a multi-channel pipetter for that?
Me: Of course, it is be torture not to.
V: Yeah, but isn't it just as time consuming to remove that 8th tip each time?
Me: Why would I do that?
V: Isn't that wasteful? Do they even make tubes to hold master mix for 7 PCRs?
Me: Well, you use a different tube for each one.
V: So, you don't make a master mix...
Me: Yeah, a different one for each one.
V: Gee, dear, you really are redefining efficiency. At the rate you are going, you'll be done in about 23 years.
Me: ........7 different PCRs on 32 samples each.
V: ......Oh.
Me: Smart-ass.

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