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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I think I smell a rat

I'm back! The field research portion of my trip was less than successful. While there are lots of fish (which is good as the main goal of my research job is to increase the number of fish), we only caught 2 of them for sampling. We need about 50. It is early and I have till August to get the other 48. I also got up close and personal with some mice and/or pack rats and a roadrunner, a sunburn, a good steak dinner during my trip. The rodents were the worst. Rodents alone are one thing but this is a part of the country where the rodents bring the plague and hantavirus. I kept the light on at night and relied on sleeping pills to get any sleep at all. My tired bones were very happy to crash in my trailer at Desert Outpost last night.

It seems like a lot of people behind the blogs I read are getting organized and getting down to business lately. I feel as thought this should be something I should be doing as well (although this is a constant feeling for me over the past 5 grad school years). I have recently started using tools like prioritized lists and writing exercises but need to be more accountable for my productivity. I am going to be adding status bars of each of my projects on my sidebar and putting my goals not only on this here blog but also in visible places around my workspace to stay focused. Expect more on this soon, but first I must do the following completely non-work related things...
Buy plane tickets for my bridal shower
Pay bills
Restock all my Body Shop products
Go for a run
Finish at least one armwarmer (the AC is on the the office and I am FREEZING)

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Blogger Mr. McCarthy said...

Personally, I feel that random post-it-notes stuck on a computer are all the organization a person should need.

11:40 AM  

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