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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sad, Happy, Headache

So today started out on a sad note. As mentioned by Sneks, our favorite bus driver- Clyde- had his last day today. He was always nice to grad students, snarky to undergrads and excited to talk. Some of my favorite conversations revolved around the city I live in and he grew up in, travels (past and future) and treadmills (when I was a frequent gym go-er last year). We got a card and baked cookies but most of all wish him the best of luck and fun in his retirement!

After saying goodbye, I got straight down to work. I have organized all of my upcoming grant proposal deadlines, finished and SENT OUT THE PROPOSAL! It is done and I feel like I could throw up. Really. And I didn't even eat lunch. I now start the countdown to the dissertation defense. 20 days to go. I better start picking out my powerpoint color scheme!

Unfortunately, I am also getting a migraine. I tend to get them a lot when I am stressed out. Before I took my qualifyers I went and got prescribed for a preventative medication. I haven't taken it in 18 months but might start again. I just don't like having to take a pill everyday for something that only affects me 1-2 times a week at most (and usually I get them even less frequently). However, I start to reconsider this when I remember that 'affects me' REALLY means having to suffer through a 20 minute drive home before spending the rest of the day with my head under a pillow in a dark and quiet room. Hopefully todays will go away once I get off the computer or at least be kept at bay until after I go get my oil changed.

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