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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day's almost over!

No, I didn't forget my pledge to blog knitting related all week long- just have been busy tonight for a special surprise (more on that tomorrow).

I had a birthday last month that was filled with friends, food, drinks and great presents from V, ArtGirl and my mom! Some were aimed at taking care of myself; V got me slippers and a hat. While others, like ArtGirls' CamelPak, were for my soon-to-be desert lifestyle. My mom got me the BEST. KNITTING. BAG. EVER. I even had the barista at this weeks SnB stop to inquire about it! It is awesome orange and heavy duty nylon so it is super durable...
There are 6 compartments for projects. It will be fantastic for travel because everything I could ever want to knit will fit in there. See how big the compartments are! (ok they don't look so big in this picture but really, they could fit at least 3 skeins of Mauch Chunky)
Inside there are needle holders, a scissor holder, a pocket sized perfectly for my "Knit Chek" and even see through pockets for stitch markers. I absolutely love it.
Thanks Mom!

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Blogger mammagumm said...

This and it's little brother bag, the one skeen version I got for myself, can be found at Michael's. So glad you like it!

10:31 AM  

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