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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

At least I don't have to grade these midterms!

I voted today. Despite having a voter registration card from my old address. Despite the states' website telling me I wasn't registered in ANY county. Despite the states' website telling me it could't find a polling place for my current address.
Somehow V (who didn't use the states' website at all) knew were to go and I happened to call him while he was there. He checked for me and I was on their list and you know, he WAS THERE so knew where it was.
There were 7 people between V and me who voted. The main guy remembered him asking about me and said, "Oh, your husband was just here." I am not sure if V called me his wife, as people are more willing to give out info for a someone in a legally binding relationship as oppossed to fiance or girlfriend, or if they just assumed we were married. Either way, it was the first time a stranger called him my husband and therefore, pretty cool. In addition, the old guy helping with sign-in quizzed me about the famous person who shared my last name before changing it and becoming VERY famous. He seemed pleased I knew who he was talking about. It was sort of weird but I guess there isn't a whole lot to make small talk with while waiting to vote.
Back to work....


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