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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The sky is blue almost everyday

So in my short absence there I actualyl got as lot of work done. I was trying to institute a no blogging rule till I turned in my first draft of the proposal. I did turn it in, although there are a few sections that remained outlined instead of fully written. Despite the entire subject matter, rationale, experiments and most of the intro being written with only the intro partially outlined- my advisor looked at it and toldm e he wants to see it complete and won't give me comments until then. Not even on the experiments or rationale or order of the outlined parts? Nope. Part of why I left unfinished topics is because I am not sure where they should go! Why spend time making things flow and transition smoothly if you think it should be in chater 3 instead of the intro?? Argd.
Luckily I got a bit of a break since 3 hours after I turned in the draft, I started my weekend of playing host to a visiting grad student who gave a talk yesterday. Her talk was great and she is a super scientist! She is a year ahead of me and we have known each other from conferences for about 3 years in additon to having advisors in common once removed (my MS advisor is her outside committee member and her PhD advisor was my MS advisors PhD advisor- I love the interrelatedness of science!). Anyways, it was nice to visit and hopefully a good trip for her as well.
Must get back to the proposal!
But first...An update on the Pinwheel! I sent it off to the happy family who was scheduled for a C-section on Monday. I haven't heard anything official but figure a new baby could cut into email time.


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