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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A deadline.

As you may have read, I am currently writing my dissertation proposal. I now have a deadline on Next Friday for the first draft of the completed proposal. I have read a lot of literature and books but have a long way to go. Switching the mindset back to research paper writing rather than manuscript writing is challenging me a bit. It is nice to go in depth about something without thinking of how I can cut it down into one sentance with a citation though.

Unrelated, V and I went for a GREAT run yesterday. We have a nice park near our house with a 1.3 mile loop. Usually I don't want to overdo it for our sporadic running lately and end up only running one loop with some walking. Yesterday we ran 2 full loops and I didn't stop to walk once. Plus, we ran fast. Faster than I remember running in a long time. I bet we were close to what I consider my 'good' 5K pace when I train properly for a race (I'm slow, good for me is 10 min/mile). I don't know if it was the weather, the stress of the deadline or what but it felt great. I wanted to go again today but my mom is coming in tomorrow so cleaning is most important!


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