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Monday, October 31, 2005

A whale of a good time!

The Halloween party was a blast and the costume went over well... Even my friend Sneks, who worked with killer whales, approved! (that's her at the right with me in the costume of course!)

There is another pic below but you really can't see the dorsal fin very well. V helped me get it to stick out straight and it was cool except all the candles and my fear of setting my dorsal fin on fire.

The test today also went alright. Could've been better, could've been worse. I think I did about as good as I should've for my effort studying. We'll have to see how the grading goes....

V is on his way to the airport with V2 right now and Amandamonkey is coming over for dinner and knitting tonight. Hopefully it will be the start of a good week.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

much to do

So a short post today- I am currently trying to finish my Halloween costume for a party tonight (Pics later). Must also clean a bit as V's brother, V2, is coming to visit tonight!
Oh yeah, and STUDY for comparative anatomy exam on Monday. Crap I am SOOO not ready for this one. Must get to work. I was hoping to sneak in a trip to the yarn store as well (it is right on the way to pick up cat food) but it might have to be my study break tomorrow.

Have a great Halloween weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So Saturday was the housewarming party and it went off great. We had about 25 people total and more food than we knew what to do with. V and I will be eating leftover burgers for the rest of the week! Bugers and wine- what a life! Anyways, Sat morning I realized this was my first sort of adult party and I got all nervous about it but lots of help from friends in the kitchen and answering the door and keeping me busy and laughing made it much better. It was such a great feeling to have everyone (as far as I could tell)- enjoying themselves. Check out the link to AmandaMonkey for a few pics of the cat dressed in his party finest and V outside grilling in the rain.

Since then, I have been a knitting mess: I balled all my leftover Alpaca. I started a skinny seed stich scarf out of a nice grey Alpaca. I feel like I need something more colorful than grey but it was all I had enough of and I couldn't resist knitting it up. I am going home tonight to frog my Branching Out and restart it. My 3 repeats look fine but I used black yarn and you can't see the pattern AT ALL. Plus I had earmarked that yarn for armwarmers a long time ago. I will restart Branching Out in a sparkly champagne color as an Xmas gift. One for myself can wait (especially with my alpaca scarf- yum!). I am also frogging the baby blanket I started. I hate the yarn so will get some nice stuff at the awesome IL yarn store next month when I am at my mom's for Thanksgiving. It is an amazing place. Finally, I am frogging a skinny ribbon scarf I started for my best friend and never finished. It was more "belt" than "scarf." Also, more "weird" than "nice."

Well, I am finally getting out of the office for the day- let the frogging begin!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm totally blogging about this!

So almost as funny as the latest post by Hamster_grrl is my labmates use of the phrase "I'm totally putting this in my blog." She has no blog and says it about the most random things that it SERIOUSLY cracks me up. I think my favorite things to blog about today were the kid who has no clue about personal space and ends up uncomfortably close when trying to look at something. The lab tables are far enough apart that touching isn't required. It is funny-weird. Second would be the kidneys of a pigeon. Why? Because why wouldn't you blog about pigeon kidneys! They are so great...really.

Well, I need to study more so I am out of here. I'm an anatomy fool!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Looky Looky!

So here are all of my FOs! I started with a lot of scarves and have given away many more hats other scarves as well. The green/tan one is V's SUPER LONG scarf and the blue/green one is my very first knitting project. My hat is my first cable (Coronet fron Knitty) and the warmers are my first non-scarf project. Close ups to come soon but that anatomy class is having another test this week. Wish me happy studying!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I did two repeats on Branching Out successfully. Yea!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What do you knit for a tortoise?

So last nights branching out party was great fun. Amandamonkey and Hamster_grrl and I knit and drank wine to our hearts content. Branching Out however- wasn't so good. I have frogged this thing 4 times and haven't gotten past the 7th row. BUT I think I figured it out (didn't know that you drop off stiches off like binding off after passing them over with the PSSO- I was putting them back on the left needle and was ending up with too many stiches!) Anyways, I will try it again after going to the lab for a while and see how far I get.

The living room is officially painted! The second coat of "Cookie Crumb" is on the wall and furnature will be replaced tonight.
We also have a new pet- a Russian Tortoise. V got him at a reptile show today. I must admit he is pretty cute but still needs a name! Any suggestions for a name are greatly appreciated.

Check k it out- my first photo! Me and a lot of finished objects! Closeups and details coming soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

mom visit

What a busy week- Mom has been here since Sunday and we have painted two rooms and installed a ceiling fan (thanks to step-dad). We also shopped, made fondue, transfered the title to my car (Yea for ownership!). I will still have another coat to do on windowsills and in the living room. Ahhh the living room- I spent months now trying to figure out what to do with it and unhappy with the color choices from Behr. My mom started looking at Glidden and there it was- the perfect color = "Cookie Crumb" perfect in color for me and name for V (who keeps eating all the cookies in the house). Glidden has been a dream to paint too- goes on smooth and easy! It took us only 30 minutes to do a coat on a 20(?) ft wall.

Well, Starting Branching Out on Friday night AND taking my knitted things with me to get some pictures on here finally! FINALLY!

Tonight was big evolutionary scientist night too! I got to have a fancy lunch at school since my advisor was hosting him and made a fool of myself only twice. 1) We both had brown corduroy blazers on so I say "I like your coat" only he didn't realize we had matching coats on and just looked at me weird and we were starting a talk so I couldn't even recover! 2) I was the microphone holder for questions after the talk and a few of them got away from me. The worst was a guy who just kept talking like he hadn't even listened to the whole talk. I didn't see his big, carved "Jesus" necklace till after he grabbed the mic from me.

Well, wine and popcorn for dinner for mom's last night here...must get back to business tomorrow and will miss her tons!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

nice weekend

it was a good week- starting to get work done and out of my post-qualifyer slump! I have been knitting baby blankets and also have done some squares for a campus sponsered shipment to afghans for Afghans. Nice to get some little things done.

Last night was an AWESOME Decemberists show in Philly and my mom comes to vsit tomorrow! We will hopefully get some painting done and get the house more in order.

Today I am making a foray into the world of baking. I was a little worried about the rising situation but a little warmth made my bread go a long way! Of course in our house, I substitue chocolate chips for raisins and cherries for candied fruits (black forest is still German right?!?) Below is the history of Stollen...which I have to go put in the oven!

Long before the Romans occupied parts of Germany, special breads were prepared for the winter solstice that were rich in dried or preserved fruit. Historians have traced Christollen, Christ's stollen back to about the year 1400 in Dresden, Germany. The first stollen consisted of only flour, oats, and water, as required by church doctrine, but without butter and milk, it was quite tasteless. Ernst of Saxony and his brother Albrecht requested of the Pope that the ban on butter and milk during the Advent season be lifted. His Eminence replied in what is known as the famous "butter letter", that milk and butter could be used to be bake stollen with a clear conscience and God's blessing for a small fee. Originally stollen was called Striezel or Struzel, which referred to a braided shape-a large oval folded in half with tapered ends-is said to represent the Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothing. Around 1560, it became custom that the bakers of Dresden give their king, the ruler of Saxony, two 36-pound stollens as a Christmas gift. It took eight master bakers and eight journeymen to carry the bread to the palace safely. This custom was continued for almost two hundred years. In 1730, Augustus the Strong, the electoral prince of Saxony and the King of Poland, asked the Baker's Guild of Dresden to bake a giant stollen for the farewell dinner of the Zeithain "campement." The 1.8-ton stollen was a true showpiece and fed over 24,000 guests. To commemorate this event, a Stollenfest is held each December in Dresden. The bread for the present-day Stollenfest weighs 2 tons and measures approximately 4 yards long. Each year, the stollen is paraded through the market square, then sliced and sold to the public, with the proceeds supporting local charities. Although there is a basic recipe for making the original Dresden Christollen, each master baker, each village and each home has its own secret recipe passed down from one generation to the next. There are probably as many recipes for stollen as there are home bakers.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Some down time lately so lots to report!
I have finished one of my Mom's mittens! Yea! It is going ot be too big on her so I am going to wait to block them while she is here and get them the right size. I need a few days off from double pointed needles but will get the other one done soon too.

Yesterdays trip to PurlSoHo didn't happen due to work so instead I slept late, bought books ("Knit Baby Blankets") and yarn (cheap-y baby blanket yarn and a mohair blend for Knitty's "Branching Out"). I started one blanket and really like it but it is on size 4s! My smallest needles yet! There are quite a few babies in the works so hopefully it will get done before the babies are here!

In school news- no tests this week but lots of grading of other peoples tests for my TA assignment. My Comparative Anatomy test turned out to be great! Too great! No, really- the prof counted wrong and gave me 12 extra percentage points. BAH! At least I knew the material (I ran out of time on the exam so lost points for not finishing) and with his grading system, I still got a high B on the test after my ammended grade.

Well, I must make a house-warming invitation tonight. Only 3 weeks to actually get the house in shape! Yikes!