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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

fun stuff!

Only 1 more day till I get to see Sufjan Stevens in Philly and only 5 more days till AmandaMonkey and I head to Purl Soho! Yippee! I am eyeing Cozy so I mighy buy fancy pants yarn for it.

Such a fun week!

Monday, September 26, 2005


So the test is over and that is all I have to say about that.

I am working on my mom's not quite -"Valentine's Day Mittens" from SnB Nation. They are going super quickly. I am regretting my descion to just go ahead with my 10's instead of 10.5s - they are a bit snug on me. My mom has called me "Amazon Baby" since I was born so here's hoping that she has smaller hands than me. Considering I have 4 shoe sizes and 6 inches on her I think it MIGHT be ok.

I should finish all but the thumb and flip top on the right handed one tonight!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

holy brain power!

Knitting news first!! I did three count 'em THREE whole rows on my moms mitten. And V caught me knitting when I was suppossed to be studying so I had to quit at 3. Luckily I did the row of increases and it is st stich for 2 inches. Hopefully they will get some attention tomorrow.

I have studied my butt off...and still need to study more. My Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy exam is in 10.5 hours and I still have 3 whole sections to cover. I learned my skull bones, I learned my cladogram, now it is on to comparing skulls, development(which I am ok with) and pictures of all the ancestors of crainates.

I also got rear-ended on my way to school. AWESOME! Luckily neither me or the other guy was hurt but my poor car needs some fixing- just some major scratches and a light out but I am not looking forward to the hassle of it all getting fixed.

Well, back to studying...

Monday, September 19, 2005


Ahh, being told I have to teach a class the night before, feeling like I know NO shark anatomy, and just general blah-ness. I think I will get a lesson together (Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium if you are interested), knit and get some sleep...

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

What did one dead shark say to the other?

I might be sparce this week. Next Friday is my first shark anatomy exam. I haven't really studied since the last quiz I had so need to put in serious time this week. I am much better at theoretical things and understanding concepts than rote memorization and this course is ALL memorization. Hopefully I will find it easier now that I have my study skills pretty well intact from my qualifyers this past June. The worst part of it is the hours spent in the room with all the specimens. I smell like dead shark all day- even if I am only in the room for a short time. And no matter how many times I wash my hands I can still smell it on myself which just sucks! Anyways, enough of my bellyaching- wish me luck!

In knitting news, I finished the bottom of the cat bed (which the cat will not come anywhere near) and am postponing the rest of it. My mom had requested mittens with a flip top so you could still use your fingers and I totally forgot that there is a pattern in SnB Nation that I can handle (most other patterns for these seem too hard for me). So I got some yarn yesterday and will start them next. Only one color and no heart pattern on them though. I realized I have size 10 dpns but not 10.5's so I need to buy new needles or do some math before starting. I am most inclined to ignore that the needles are the wrong size and just stick to the pattern with it being knit a little tightly but I am afraid they will be too small in the end.

We are heading North to hike in the Poconos today so I must get going.. have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

(almost) DONE!

The scarf that is longer than I am tall Is finished. I have about half of my ends weaved in and should finish it off tonight. The matching hat for this should be much quicker and I am not starting that yet anyways. The cat bed continues and it is always exciting to be choosing the next projects....As much as I want to go all out and tancle something big already, I know I should do some of the things I planned before (and bought the yarn for). So it looks like a pair of arm warmers, Xmas scarves and of course, that matching hat for V.

In work news, it has been a whirlwind of free lunches and dinners (a grad students best friends). An old friend of my advisors was in over the weekend and now a speaker is visiting that has worked on my (newly chosen) study species for over 30 years. I also was out collected said species of fish on Sunday and have a bunch of great looking fish just waiting to be set up in experiments. Since I haven't talked much about work here- I am starting my second year as a PhD student working on behavioral ecology of fishes with main interests being mating behavior, sexual selection, evolutionary genetics (which I am just starting to learn about). I did a masters on a really cool group of fishes and am really excited to start working on these guys. For now I am just happy to have run my first independant collecting trip and can't get over how cute these fish are.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Some things of possible interest...

So, I have little to say about the Katrina because I really don't know what to add to what is already being said by lots of folks about our government and president.
So instead I will link some things that may have been overlooked by the media or that I find interesting.

Where is Cheney?

Where is Condi? From Sept. 1st.

Halliburton to the really.

This is a great headline (1st item)

And Kayne West rocks for speaking out. Gotta love live TV.

And even though only 4 people know that this blog exists, the most important one...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

School and lack of knitting...

So learning Comparative Anatomy is really cutting into my knitting time! I STILL have 3 more blocks on the scarf and have only progressed a few rows worth on the cat bed. I did figure out that I have 2 skiens of wool leftover from a hat that never got made (well at least not out of that yarn) and 2 stepsisters who live in cold climates. How convieniant!

Well, yesterday was dedicated to the house- finally the whole breakfast nook has paint on it! Today is dedicated to work. Planning for upcoming experiments and you know- shark anatomy won't learn itself...