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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Go Neurds!

That is Neurodegenerates if you want the full name! That is right, despite all the rain this past week we had a softball game today. We played a hodgepodge team of mostly big guys. They have only lost one game and well, we have only won one game.

Our stats remained the same but we lost it 23-24! We were up by 6 (or 4 I can't remember) going into their last at-bat. I think we would have won if all their non-big-guy-slugger types hadn't left by this point in the game. That is besides the point though because it was SO. MUCH. FUN. We had a grand slam, and V did aewsome as our pitcher. He is quite the slugger too =) I got a couple RBIs and even scored a run myself!
It was so nice to get outside, I hope the break from the rain continues.

Whew, good games = tired Dancing Fishes.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


I updated the sidebar with some more blogs I read....someday I will organize them better but just wanted to get them out there for now!

Things have calmed down around here. Or I just stopped freaking out about work and the premature possibly of having to go away. Worse things could happen. And all the work will get done if I just DO it rather than worry about getting it done. Makes sense right?

In other news, did you know that bridesmaid dresses do not just come in green? They only come in Snapdragon, Clover, Leaf, Papaya (both looking green and pink depending on company), Grass, Pear, Lime, Key Lime, Apple, Celedon, Mint, Honeydew, Chartruse and some others I can't remember. It's sorta crazy.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

So, where was I?

Now that I am back in the swing of things here in PA, there is one thing I haven't done- any knitting. Sorry. Too much science and acedemic things to knit right now (now that I said thatI will start knitting though of course!).
Anyways, on that side of my life, 1) I am submitting one manuscript- my first with my new advisor- any time now. Putting my work out there for review is just stressful and scary so I drag my feet in doing it a bit. 2) I am also writing up my last paper from my time doing my Masters; Long rainy weekend will hopefully be productive =) 3) I have data from Texas to analyze and present in August. 4) I have data from last summer in the FL Keys to finish analyzing (stats by hand left) and writing. 5) I need to get some fish to breed in my lab. Seriously. It has been almost a year and my frustration with this can not get higher. Related to this is my number one concern right now. I have an oppertunity to travel to do my dissertation research in the desert. It seems like one of the only options I have to do what I wanted to do for my research. But I don't REALLY want to spend my first 4 months of married life on the wrong side of the country from the husband. V and I have spent 8 months apart before and plan on this happening again due to us both being on the grad school/postdoc/job track. I am also inspired by many amazing women doing great science and balancing their equally great relationships. None of this makes it an easier decision though.

Finally, a hats off to V!! His first scientific publication is now out! Not even a grad student yet and already a manuscript. He caught a snake today too. Talk about a good week!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Home sweet home

Well, I am back home safe and sound. Over 10,000 miles travelled. That is certainly a lot for 5 weeks!
I am happy to be back to V, Seymour, Cal, my bed, couch, yard, all the season finales of shows I missed (Oh how I love LOST), and my own home cooking and V!

Updates of knitting and our great day in St. Louis with my mom coming this weekend until then here was my last hike in Big Bend... (you can see where we started in the background waaaaaay down there!)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Hola from the desert

Hi there! I'm back, can you hardly beleive it? Well, I am not really back yet. I am sitting in my hotel room in the desert trying to soak up 3 weeks worth of free high speed internet time. Today I visited a research place and made GREAT contacts at this fantastic facility and others possibly too!

So in the past few weeks I got to experiance the desert first hand. We have only had one field day that was below 100 degrees! Getting some cool data too. So far we have...

camped in a dust storm...

hiked 5.6 miles and 980 ft in elevation change in 100 degree heat on a to "The Window"...

lived in this "chalet" (the one on the right, the larger one on the left is the "lodge")...

driven over 3000 miles...

and enjoyed the charm of Terlingua and Study Butte (our koo-zies say "the Study Butte Store" even if you can only see the "Butt Store" part)...

I also got the Big Bad Baby Blanket finished, started the Pinwheel Baby Blanket and will have pictures of those when I return.

I will be back in a couple of weeks and will share all our other adventures then! Take Care!