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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wait a second

Patience is not my strong point and I am not a fan of waiting. Today, however, all I am doing is waiting. My paper has gone from "Under review" to "Awaiting decision." AND my summer conference is supposed to email with talk vs. poster decisions tomorrow. I am anxious and just trying to not constantly check email/paper submission site. V has been good about waiting decisions with exams. He just keeps studying. I am keeping that in mind and plugging away on work stuff. As long as the weather holds, a run is in the works as well.
How do you deal with awaiting decisions?



Blogger ScienceGirl said...

I find that going for a long workout helps.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Seeking Solace said...

I workout or go for a long walk.

8:29 PM  
Blogger EcoGeoFemme said...

Darn. I was secretly wondering if you would be going to the same summer conference as me, but I already heard that my abstract was accepted...

Watching a movie helps me wait.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

One word: Knitting

8:29 AM  
Blogger botanybabe said...

i don't know. i think i sadly am so numb to decisions...we wait for so many in our world. i think med school's main design is to "numb you" for all that is to come. however, in today's age i am constantly in awe of the decision process. so many pivital moments in our life come down to one second....logging on at midnight to see where we will be for 4 years, going to a "match party" to be handed a letter- to be opened at the same time as everyone around the US- to find out where we will be for the next 3 years...and so on. just really insane when you think about it. it has been 3 years and to this DAY i can still remember the moment of logging on to find out about med school acceptance. we waited it out until 2 or 3 am...just in case there were "problems with the system" at the stroke of midnight. we were a delirious ball of tears when we found out our fate. does this make your decision seem a little easier maybe? ha! always can find someone in a "worse" situation! good luck! oh, i just try to stay matter what it is i am doing...just stay as busy as possible to prevent insanity.

11:25 AM  
Blogger DancingFish said...

The workout helped tremendously! A long walk sounds more relaxing though seeking solace. Great idea.
I also came home and knit a few rows before I even saw your comment elizabeth!
EGF- It still could be. My labmates got the a-ok over a week ago about their poster! The one I'm going to is in Aug. and is only held every 2 years. I know a ton of folks going to the giant one in June (V included) though.
BB- Luckily, these decisions aren't nearly as important as those! The worst outcome is still presenting a poster and resubmitting to a different journal. Not too bad. I am far worse with the decisions I have to make myself. Like where to persue a postdoc. Yikes.

11:56 AM  
OpenID luckybuzz said...

Normally, I drink while waiting. Lately, I just fret. (We're waiting on GB's Bar results, and I'm all about the fretting.)

Patience vibes coming your way! :)

1:56 PM  
Blogger EcoGeoFemme said...

I also know lots of people going to the big June meeting. I'm going to the big one that's held every August, so I guess we won't cross paths.

I hope you get good news!

10:11 PM  

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