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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Lazy Day...

It is after 1 pm and I am still in my pjs. I love weekends! A special thank you to anyone who put up with me and my bellyaching about Anatomy. Grades came out. I got an A. It is over and yipee for that!!

Anyways, I don't usually do New Years resolutions but feel compelled to record at least a few knitting goals (and others) for this year. If there is a record I can be held accountable. That is good right? Here goes...

1) Learn how to knit socks. I am intimidated by them. They seem impossible. I like a challenge and then I can buy all the cool dyed yarn from Sunshine Yarns. Plus everyone needs socks.

2) Finish things. I still am only about 1/3 the way through Branching Out. I started the DNA scarf this past weekend (gift for a prof/V's bosslady). I still am not done with the Big Bad Baby Blanket (due for baby in April). I have 2 sets of armwarmer half done. I bought and received yarn as gifts and tond of new books but I am going to try to finish things first.

3) Give up celebrity gossip. I am hopelessly addicted to Gawker and Defamer. Why? Who knows. My own life is interesting enough. At least it will be if I do things instead of reading stupid stuff online about people who I don't know. I accomplished this one when I was in the field for a month this summer and lacked internet access. If I did it once, I can do it again.

4) Watch less TV, read books. I always have the tv on in the backround. It is on right now as I blog. I should enjoy silence more. I also say that I don't read at home because I read so much for school. I don't really TRY to read that much though. Time to start with Aquagenesis by Richard Ellis that V got from the library. I'm still watching my shows though- Scrubs if finally back!!

5) Try not to get so worked up if I mess up on my knitting. I swear like a sailor if I mess up. I'm still working on my 1st lace and 2nd cable project- there is no reason I should expect them to be perfect. This may be important if I get around to #1...

6) Work harder at work. Pretty self explainatory.

That's enough of those. We will see how they go and I'll keep you updated- at least on the knitting ones =)

Have a great New Years Eve and first few days of the New Year! V and I are off to Hoboken tonight to see Yo La Tengo. Should be fun!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hello again!

So, a while there wasn't it. Didja miss me?

I blog with renewed strength and vigor and pictures! My mom got me a digital camera which is awesome (Kodak EasyShare z740) AND printer (HP all-in-one photosmart 3210) that even scans real negatives and so is a mini photo lab all in itself. As soon as traveling is over on Thursday, it will be pics galore!
Yesterday was a super fun day in Chicago with my bestest friend! We (and V) went to the Shedd (yea fishes!) and the Field for the Pompeii exhibit. Pompeii was alright but I do not suggest going to look at casts of from a pyroclastic surge (at least I learned something) the day after Christmas. Too crowded, too morbid. At least we spent most of our time with the fishes!

I also got some GREAT knitting gifts that I will model soon....

I hope everyone got to spend some quality time with their loved ones and is having a good week.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Sooooooooo long since an update but mice, leaky roofs and most of all exams do not make for fun posts! Luckily- the leak has ceased for now and we've seen no mice for a week now. There were 5- 4 caught by Seymour and 1 caught by V. And the last exam is tomorrow morning 8am. Why an exam at 8 am on a Sunday? Who knows but that is how we work at my school.

As to knitting: I finished the Xmas presents and blocked them last night. Now trying to finish a baby blanket from last year, a Bday present for Janurary and two sets of armwarmers for friends (sort ofd xmas/thank you/presents). More on those later plus holiday party pics, and on how hooked I am on "LOST" (It is so damn good!) after I rock my last exam tomorrow....Happy Saturday night!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Slicing up eyeballs, I want you to know

I really wish the title of this post were NOT true. I actually missed the last dissection today due to a Dr. appt. Based on what we did on Wednesday (see title) I wasn't too sad I had to miss.

I have been cranky all week so not too much to report. Maybe tomorrow if I wake up to 1-3 inches of snow I will again see the world as beautiful and full of 'flowers and sausages'...