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Sunday, May 25, 2008


  • As of Saturday morning, I can't move my head to the right. I hope the health center is open tomorrow but I doubt it with the holiday.
  • Our paper got rejected. Boo. The reviews were not that bad. They wanted some different analyses and more justification. Alright. That is cool and fixable. There are two parts that suck. First, I may have misinterpreted a paper. This was pointed out by (most likely based on the review) the author of that paper whom I admire and would like it impress. Instead, I look like a stupid ass. Second, I was docked for not knowing some current literature. Like a paper that came out AFTER we submitted. Geez! Given that the reviews weren't that bad, I will stop taking it personally and get down to reworking it soon. Just an unpleasant Saturday night email.
  • In anticipation of the impending anniversary, we went to play outside today! Part scouting field sites for V and part hiking in state parks made for a lovely day.
  • Our lives have been forever changed. We bought..................a vacuum. My small one was not doing its job with the pet hair problems around this place. Our new one even has special pet-hair attachments! The house has never been cleaner and I have never found cleaning more exciting!

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Blogger EcoGeoFemme said...

Bummer about the paper. :(

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!


9:23 AM  
Blogger Beverly said...

Happy anniversary!

Would you share what vac you bought? I fight a constant battle with dog hair, and the dog hair usually wins!!

10:55 AM  
Blogger Seeking Solace said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

11:24 AM  
Blogger DancingFish said...

EGF: Thanks. It was surprisingly easy to take this time. Resubmitting will hopefully be as painless!

Mom and Seeking: Thank you! Be on the lookout for the real anniversary post as well!

Beverly: We got a Bissell Lift Off Revolution Pet Vac from Target. The canister part can be detached from the standing vac which is great for stairs and hard to reach areas that require special attachments. Average reviews were as good as the Dysons but this one is far less costly. As long as it holds up you can't beat this quality for the price.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!

It sounds like you have a very reasonable approach to the paper rejection (even if it does stink)! I hope your normal neck movement resumes soon!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Mad Hatter said...

Sorry about your paper. Happy Anniversary though!

Incidentally, the only time I've ever found cleaning exciting was when I've had other even less exciting things to writing my thesis. :-)

10:31 PM  

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